Six Signs a Wound is Infected

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Determine if a wound is infected and requires immediate attention.

Cuts, scrapes, and scratches – they happen to us all. Despite popular belief, wounds of all shapes, sizes, and resulting from all causes can get infected. Any break in the skin through injury allows bacteria to enter the body and begin to multiply. Recognizing the first signs of wound infection allows health care professionals to swiftly navigate treatment so that you can be on your way! Read More

What is Urgent Care and Why Should You Use It?

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Urgent Care can tend to your pressing medical needs.

For most emergencies, including those that are life-threatening, people visit the emergency room in the hospital. For illnesses or injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening, urgent cares provide easy access to quality healthcare.  At Sand Canyon Urgent Care, our attention to detail and our commitment to our patients ensures that you always receive excellent medical care in a cost effective and timely manner. Read More