Prescription Antibiotics

Antibiotics: What You Should Know 

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Antibiotics stand as a remarkable achievement in modern medicine, serving as potent defenders against bacterial infections. While they offer relief and healing, it’s crucial to understand that antibiotics may not always be the universal solution. Here are key considerations for you and your loved ones the next time a doctor suggests antibiotics.


  1. Unintended Consequences: Antibiotics and Gut Health

Antibiotics, in their mission to combat bacterial infections, don’t discriminate between harmful and beneficial bacteria. Alongside addressing the infection, they can unintentionally eliminate good bacteria, leading to common side effects like upset stomachs and diarrhea. To counteract this, consider supplementing your diet with probiotics.


  1. Antibiotic Resistance: A Growing Concern

Bacteria possess a remarkable ability to adapt and survive. Over time, exposure to specific antibiotics can lead to the development of resistant strains. This resistance poses a challenge as some infections evolve, rendering commonly used antibiotics less effective. Understanding this dynamic emphasizes the importance of responsible antibiotic use and finishing the whole course of antibiotics when prescribed.


  1. Diagnostic Challenges: Bacterial vs. Viral Infections

Distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections isn’t always straightforward. Symptoms may appear similar, yet the treatment approaches differ significantly. If you or your loved ones are experiencing mild symptoms, consider discussing with your doctor whether waiting a couple of days is prudent before opting for antibiotics. Viral infections like the common cold and COVID-19 are viral and do not respond to antibiotic treatment. 


  1. Your Health Questions Answered at Sand Canyon Urgent Care

Still have questions? We are here to help! At Sand Canyon Urgent Care, with convenient locations in Irvine and Laguna Hills, our expert team is ready to address your concerns. Whether you need urgent medical attention or advice on antibiotic usage, our facilities have extended hours to accommodate our patients.  


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Walk-ins are always welcome, ensuring you receive timely and efficient care at a location that suits you best.

Updated 2020: Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergy Relief

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Home Treatments for Your Seasonal Allergies

An allergy is an overaggressive immune response triggered by numerous factors, whether it’s ingesting certain foods, touching certain substances, or inhaling an irritant such as pollen or animal dander. During this time of year, seasonal allergies start to act up. Just as you’re enjoying the delights of fall, you get hit with a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. These allergies to pollen affect the respiratory predominantly and are often the most difficult to control.

Take a look at a few natural and simple tips for easing seasonal allergies this year.

Dietary Change

Loading up on food with anti-inflammatory properties helps your body to repair itself, bringing back balance and strength to fight off allergies. A few of the best foods to incorporate into your diet this season are:

  • Garlic
  • Lemons
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Coconut milk
  • Probiotic-rich foods (think sauerkraut, miso, kombucha)
  • Almond butter and seeds (for those who do not have a nut allergy)

Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Taking one tablespoon of raw and organic apple cider vinegar can work wonders. Do this every morning before going outside and let the ACV block your body’s histamine reaction and reduce inflammation. Mix one tablespoon of ACV with a cup of warm water. For best results, make sure the ACV comes with ‘the mother.’

Use a Neti Pot

Advised only for adults, a neti pot is a natural way to cleanse your nasal passages from pollens and other allergens. Make sure that the water you use for the neti pot is distilled and as sterile as possible. If you don’t have access to a neti pot, you can try a salt water sinus rinse by mixing sea salt with warm water and inhaling it through one nostril.

IV Drip Therapy

When your body is missing key vitamins and nutrients, dietary changes and other home remedies can take a while to start having an effect. The good news is that IV drip therapy bypasses your digestive tract, delivering the key vitamins and nutrients you need directly where you need it. Administered through an IV in the comfort of our clinic, you can get a cocktail tailored for your needs.

If you’re struggling with allergies, check out the top five foods that natural allergy fighters that can help you keep sniffles and sneezes away. Additionally, Sand Canyon Urgent Care is there to help you through your medical issues. To visit us in Irvine or Stanton in California, call us today.

Can Online Gaming Impact My Child’s Health

Can Online Gaming Impact My Child’s Health?

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Gaming is a popular pastime for children to relax, socialize with their friends, and have fun. Children can play on video game consoles, apps or websites. As new technology continues to develop, live streaming and interactive games are grabbing the attention of children which creates an easy distraction and a potentially unhealthy hobby. This has led to the growing concern from parents about the health and safety of their kids when playing these games. Excessive online gaming poses physical and mental health dangers that you should be aware of.

Physical Impact of Gaming on Children

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
    Online gaming and internet browsing can become addictive and habit-forming, and takes away from socializing with friends and physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to high blood pressure in children, placing them at a higher risk of cardiovascular health problems in later years. Long periods of inactivity can also impact their weight and the likelihood of developing diabetes and other medical conditions.
  • Poor Sleep

Researchers have found that children and teenagers who spend long periods of time online gaming have significantly shorter sleep durations, which are oftentimes correlated to further physical and mental health problems.

Mental Impact of Gaming on Children

  • Depression and Anxiety

Online gaming has been linked to an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide – even in children. Researchers found that the feelings of depression are directly related to the amount of screen time, not the type of content.

  • Violence
    There are a number of violent video games on the market today, particularly first-person shooter games. These have been found to spark more aggression in children. Habitually playing violent and graphic video games can inherently create a tendency for children to act out and have anger issues. It’s a good idea to limit exposure to these violent games to curb offensive behavior.

For all of your health concerns for you or your child, visit Sand Canyon Urgent Care. We welcome walk-in patients and are open 7 days a week. Our on-site diagnostic and lab facilities help us to best serve you and your loved ones. Call us at (949) 536-7892 or visit us here to get started!


Spring Cleaning Your Health Routine

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Spring Clean Your Habits for a Healthier You

Longer days, warmer weather, and fresh starts – ah, spring. This season inspires many of us to “spring clean” by decluttering and bringing new life to neglected areas of the home. While this is not only practical, it is also therapeutic to get rid of the old and bring in the new for a fresh start. Since spring is all about new beginnings, take a moment to renew your health routine as well. Your physical wellbeing may need some sprucing up, too. Here are some simple steps to get started.

Make Time for You

Spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you view yourself and your health. If you are constantly putting others’ needs before your own, now is the time to break this pattern. Bump yourself and your health up to the top of your daily line-up and make time for yourself. This can be meditating for 10 minutes in the morning, reading a book, enjoying time with friends, going to the gym, or whipping up a healthy lunch. Self-care is a key component to increasing overall productivity and wellbeing.

Get Outdoors

Spring is a time when you can get back outside and enjoy activities, walks, and more. Studies have shown that being in an outdoor setting can help relieve stress and provides an opportunity to be present in the moment. Whether you take a walk, exercise outdoors, or soak up the sun for even as little as 10 minutes, aim to get outside more this spring.


In this age of technology, it’s hard to disconnect ourselves from our gadgets. Our smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, and TVs are always connecting us to the Internet world. Make spring your seasonal reminder to slow down, disconnect and practice mindfulness. Instead of checking your email as soon as you wake up, take the morning for yourself and check it after you’ve had breakfast. Turn your phone off for a day or the entire weekend for a digital detox. Leave your phone on silent in the evening so you’re not tempted to check it before bedtime. Whatever works for you, find more time to unplug.

A few simple healthy habits can help to boost your mental and physical health this spring. If an injury does occur, visit your closest Sand Canyon Urgent Care facility. Call our Irvine location at (949) 417-0272 or our Laguna Hills urgent care at (949) 206-4633. We welcome walk-in patients and offer a wide variety of medical treatments.


Why Your Cold or Flu Won’t Go Away

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Common Reasons Your Cold Won’t Go Away

Do you ever get a cold that lingers on for weeks? Or perhaps you come down with the flu and it knocks you out for a long time? The common cold and the flu share many features: they’re both caused by viral infections, have similar symptoms, can be treated at home, and can last for a seemingly long time. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases say that an average cold can last 7 to 10 days. However, in some cases, it can linger for several weeks. If you are one of those people who struggle to kick the cold or the flu, here’s where you could be going wrong.


Common Reasons Why Your Cold or the Flu is Lingering:

  • Stress

Stress is a major immune suppressant and something that we experience every day. There’s no hiding from stress, but you can work to minimize the effects of stress. If you’re already ill, you can try meditating, writing, talking to a friend, and practicing mindfulness to ease your tension levels. According to the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, stress can make the body highly vulnerable to diseases.

  • Exercise

Sure, skipping your workouts may make you feel agitated or irritable, but if you have a fever or a cold, you must reschedule your gym dates and let your body heal. It’s best if you don’t exercise while you are ill, as physical exertion will only hinder your progress. If you have a cold that is above the head, you may be able to introduce your training sessions slowly. However, if you have body aches and chest congestion, it’s best you stay in bed until you are fully recovered.

  • Sleep

When suffering from a cold or the flu, it’s important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night to allow the body to replenish itself. Even the healthiest of us fail to get enough rest on a nightly basis, but it becomes increasingly more important when fighting a virus. Experts say that lack of sleep can suppress the immune system like nothing else, so make sure you are sleeping well before, during, and after getting a cold.

Even though a cold and the flu can last several days and sometimes even weeks, be mindful to notice any signs of complications. Severe symptoms include:

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Purple or blue discoloration of the lips
  • Pain in the chest or abdomen
  • High fever
  • Seizures
  • Flu-like symptoms that improve but then return with fever and worse cough

If you have any of these symptoms, you should promptly seek medical attention.

For all of your health concerns and medical needs, visit Sand Canyon Urgent Care. We welcome walk-in patients. Call us at (949) 536-7892 or visit us here to get started!

Quick Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

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Healthy, Fast, and Filling Breakfast Ideas for Busy School Days

School is back and session and that means you, as a parent, have incredibly busy mornings. It can seem like there simply isn’t enough time to feed your child breakfast and get him or her out of the door in time. However, as the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you would be doing your child’s development a disservice by letting them skip breakfast every morning.

Breakfast is a must to help our kids do their best at school. Many studies have found that there is a link between eating a healthy breakfast and higher achievement on standardized tests, improved concentration, and classroom behavior. Breakfast doesn’t have to be extravagant – just a bit of substance can help your kids get out the door with full bellies and brains eager to learn.

Although mornings can be a crunch, there are a few quick and easy breakfast ideas to make busy days a breeze.

  • High protein granola bar and a piece of fresh fruit
  • Toast a bagel, cover with a light coating of cream cheese and add two or three slices of apple
  • Whizz up ½ cup milk, a frozen banana, ¼ cup of oats, ½ cup of blueberries, and a few ice cubes in a blender for a delicious blueberry smoothie
  • Put a banana on a stick, dip it in yogurt, and then roll it in granola. Place it on wax paper and freeze for 1-2 hours or overnight
  • Make the night before: Breakfast sandwich made with an English muffin, jam, and peanut butter
  • Make the night before: Oats, soaked in soy milk with fresh berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon and left to chill in the fridge overnight
  • Make beforehand: Roll apple chunks, raisins, cinnamon, flaxseed, soya milk, and oats together. Roll into bite-sized balls, and bake in the morning for a hot oatmeal breakfast treat.

If you have more time in the mornings, whip up some whole wheat pancakes or frittatas to keep your kid full until lunch.

To ensure that your child is getting the right nutrients, let the team at Sand Canyon Urgent Care help. We provide the medical attention that has your child’s best interest in mind. With facilities in Irvine and Stanton, we can help treat your child quickly. We welcome walk-ins and have an expert team of medical professionals ready to help you.