tip to keep children safe during cold weather

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe in Cold Weather

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Bundle up your child to face the cool weather this winter.

 Even though southern California isn’t known for its ice and snow, the temperatures can plummet. When this happens over the winter months, we all need to find ways to stay warm and safe. This is especially important for parents who need to pay extra attention to their child’s safety. Young children are less likely to recognize when they are cold but are more likely to lose their body heat rapidly due to their small stature.

To keep your children safe this winter, adopt these tips.

Dress them in layers – Make sure that your child’s head, neck, and torso are covered in a couple of layers. For better protection, opt for a thermal vest that will help to trap their body heat.

Don’t forget accessories – When bundling up your child, make sure you don’t forget to equip them with a hat to avoid body heat escaping from the head. Earmuffs and gloves are also ideal to stay warm when out in the cold.

Beware of loose items – Scarves and drawstring hoods may all be well and good at trapping warmth, but these loose strings can be choking and strangling hazards. Instead, opt for string-free alternatives.

Be proactive and check in often – Many children will continue to play outside even if they are cold and wet – they’re having fun, after all! Parents must be proactive about checking in on the child to ensure that he or she doesn’t get too cold. Encourage breaks from the cool weather to warm up and dry off.

Stay hydrated – Because it’s cold outside, you may not be concerned about dehydration. However, dry winter air causes children to lose water through their normal breathing. Ensure that your children are drinking plenty of water even in the winter months.

Know what to look for – By knowing the warning signs of common cold-weather issues like hypothermia, you can identify and treat issues quickly. If you notice your child slurring their speech, shivering, and stumbling, hypothermia could have set in. The cold weather can also bring on colds and the flu, so be sure to warm them up quickly and get them out of wet clothes pronto.

If your child gets injured or ill out in the cold, take him or her to Sand Canyon Urgent Care. With facilities in Irvine and Stanton, we can help treat your child quickly. We welcome walk-ins and have an expert team of medical professionals ready to help you.