How to Know if a Bone is Broken

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A broken bone requires a trip to urgent care.

Sports, osteoporosis, motor vehicle crashes, falls, and direct blows can result in broken bones. Fractures are a common injury for adults and children, and the pain may be dependent upon the injured and the bone. Even so, it can be difficult to tell if you have a broken bone or simply a sprain. If you think you do have a broken bone, promptly seek medical treatment. Read More

Why You Should Consider Urgent Care for Travel Vaccinations

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Don’t wait to get your travel vaccinations – Visit your urgent care center.

Before you head out on your travels, there is a lot to take care of – from packing to planning to getting the right currency. You are likely going to be busy in the days and weeks leading up to the trip. While traveling is exciting, getting your travel vaccinations and boosters is an essential preventative measure that one must take to help protect oneself and others from potential health hazards throughout the trip. Read More