Can Online Gaming Impact My Child’s Health

Can Online Gaming Impact My Child’s Health?

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Gaming is a popular pastime for children to relax, socialize with their friends, and have fun. Children can play on video game consoles, apps or websites. As new technology continues to develop, live streaming and interactive games are grabbing the attention of children which creates an easy distraction and a potentially unhealthy hobby. This has led to the growing concern from parents about the health and safety of their kids when playing these games. Excessive online gaming poses physical and mental health dangers that you should be aware of.

Physical Impact of Gaming on Children

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
    Online gaming and internet browsing can become addictive and habit-forming, and takes away from socializing with friends and physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to high blood pressure in children, placing them at a higher risk of cardiovascular health problems in later years. Long periods of inactivity can also impact their weight and the likelihood of developing diabetes and other medical conditions.
  • Poor Sleep

Researchers have found that children and teenagers who spend long periods of time online gaming have significantly shorter sleep durations, which are oftentimes correlated to further physical and mental health problems.

Mental Impact of Gaming on Children

  • Depression and Anxiety

Online gaming has been linked to an increased risk of depression, anxiety, and suicide – even in children. Researchers found that the feelings of depression are directly related to the amount of screen time, not the type of content.

  • Violence
    There are a number of violent video games on the market today, particularly first-person shooter games. These have been found to spark more aggression in children. Habitually playing violent and graphic video games can inherently create a tendency for children to act out and have anger issues. It’s a good idea to limit exposure to these violent games to curb offensive behavior.

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