Back-to-School Healthcare Basics

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How To Keeping Kids Healthy as They Head Back to School

You’ve shopped for classroom supplies, fall clothes, gym uniforms, lunch boxes, and comfortable shoes. Although it may feel as if yesterday was the start of summer, it’s now time to prepare your child for the new school year ahead. This time of year is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to adopt healthy habits. Follow along for some easy tips to help your children start – and continue – the new school year in good health.

Take a look at eyesight

When was the last time your child had an eye exam? Even if your child has no problem reading signs, he or she could have underlying vision issues. A comprehensive eye exam is one of the most important tasks to do during the school season to maximize your child’s ability to contribute to classroom activities and do well in school.

Reinstate a routine

Summer may have been full of late nights and sleeping in, so when the first day back of school rolls around, it comes as a rude awakening. Practice getting your child into a regular sleep schedule to ensure adequate sleep every night. Not catching enough zzz’s can impede the learning process and make it difficult for your child to focus on learning.

Power up with good nutrition

Proper nutrition and food fuel is essential to maintain focus and energy throughout the day. Start the day off right with a hearty breakfast, such as oatmeal, whole-grain toast, or fruit and yogurt. Keep them going with a well-balanced lunch and healthy snacks, such as nuts, fruit or vegetables. Invest in a reusable water bottle for your child to promote water intake throughout the day.

Be aware of allergens

A new school year also means the start of allergy season. Children who suffer from allergies may suffer in classrooms where there is dust and mold. Ensure that you stay on top of your child’s allergies and that he/she knows how to handle them when they aren’t under your supervision. Discuss any allergy concerns with your child’s school nurse and teacher at the start of the new school year.

Get a sports physical

If your child will be playing sports in the fall, get ahead of the game and schedule a physical exam at a local urgent care center. Schedule yours early to beat the back-to-school rush.

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