Is urgant care covered by healthcare

Is Urgent Care Covered by Health Insurance?

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Understand your financial responsibilities before undergoing medical treatment. 

Today, in the face of escalating medical costs, when one suffers a minor injury, such as a broken arm, their first instinct isn’t ‘How am I going to drive?’ but ‘How am I going to afford treatment?’ It is no secret that medical care isn’t cheap, and even minor injuries can rack up a bill of thousands of dollars in treatment and care costs. Before you decide to get medical treatment at an urgent care center, you may just wonder if your health insurance will help you pay for it. Read More

How to Get a Physical Fast

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Don’t wait around to get a physical exam. Instead, visit urgent care.

When you need a physical exam whether it is for school, work, sports, or for insurance purposes, visit your local urgent care. Even though an urgent care is faster and easier to visit, rest assured that you will still get a thorough exam conducted by a qualified and experienced provider. Read More