Physical Examinations

Appointments are recommended.

Take the lead managing your health with an annual routine physical exam at Sand Canyon Urgent Care. Even if you are currently in good health, a thorough medical screen can diagnose health problems early and allow you to take steps to prevent any conditions that you are at increased risk of developing. A physical exam is one of the best ways to protect your future health! Our physical includes routine blood work (CBC, CMP and lipid panel).

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Sports Physicals

Our Sports Physicals help evaluate the athlete’s general health, fitness level, the risk of injury, overall physical wellbeing, and identify any conditions that may keep the athlete out of the game or impact their performance. Sand Canyon Urgent Care recommends sports physicals for students and adults who are participating in school sports programs, club sports teams, and anyone who is partaking in a new fitness routine.

DOT Physicals

Driving a commercial vehicle includes long hours on the road. DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals keep drivers safe by making sure they can withstand the physical demands of their job. Drivers must meet all DOT physical requirements before receiving their CDL medical card. Sand Canyon Urgent Care is trained to understand DOT regulations and to prevent drivers from being inappropriately disqualified.

Physicals For Work

Stay fit to performs your duties with a pre-employment physical. Sand Canyon Urgent Care provides job candidates and employees medical and physical examinations. Our pre-employment physicals help employers determine whether their candidates and employees can withstand the physical demands of their job function. We provide pre-employment physicals to a variety of institutions, including but not limited to police departments, school districts, fire departments, Special Weapons and Tactics departments, construction and building companies, and transportation agencies.

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