5 Ways to Cure Back-to-School Blues

how to cure the back to school blues

Get Ready for Back-to-School

Now that summer is drawing to a close, parents are beginning to prep their child for the back-to-school season. If your child (and perhaps yourself) are feeling blue that summer is over, check out these tips that can get you back into the school routine in no time.

Send your kids off to school with a super nutritional breakfast. Getting back into the swing of school is helped by energy and nutrition. Oatmeal, fresh fruit, eggs, nuts, or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich are great ways to start the day and will continue that to energize your child for the rest of the morning!

Prepare the night before. Make mornings as easy as possible. A simple bit of preparation can help to get your child out of your door on time and eliminate potential pitfalls. Take out clothes, pack lunches and ask your child to pack their backpack the night before. This will help make mornings a breeze.

Make coming home fun. Have a tasty treat waiting for your child when he/she returns home from school. Homemade cookies, a fruit platter or a delicious berry smoothie are sure ways to make any child smile!

Have dinner together. Gathering around the family table provides a great opportunity for everyone to reconnect after a long day. Asking questions about their friends, what they learned, and what they enjoyed gives kids a chance to talk about their day.

Reinforce good habits. Catch your child being good throughout the week and praise him or her on their good behavior. Positive reinforcement will help to sustain your child’s good habits.

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