Great Reasons to Cook with Your Kid

cooking with child

The benefits of cooking in early childhood.

Whether you love cooking or hate it, you most likely see it as an integral part of getting your family the nutrition they need. The meals prepared in your home are the ones over which you have the most control. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could encourage your kids to eat right even when you’re not there to help them make healthy choices? Here are three ways cooking with them might do just that!

  1. It gets them involved. Bringing your children in while cooking can help them learn more about what they like and don’t like. Let your kids taste as the meal is prepared so they can offer their input. The opportunity to explore new flavors in small bites and in the safety of your own kitchen can help them see how exciting healthy eating can be!
  2. It helps them see food the right way. Cooking gives your kids a chance to understand that food doesn’t just appear like magic. Work goes into putting meals in front of them, and having a hand in that work can help them build a healthy appreciation for food and the nourishment it provides.
  3. It helps keep everyone safe. When you have your kids with you in the kitchen, you have the chance to teach them a wide range of safety lessons. Talk about food safety; they can help you keep an eye on expiration dates! Get them in the habit of using oven mitts, minding the stove, and practicing knife safety. 

Cooking together can help your child grow into a healthy adult. Taking care of your family’s health and wellbeing is essential. For minor to moderate injuries and medical issues, visit Sand Canyon Urgent Care. If a higher level of care is needed, our triage staff and/or providers will direct patients to the appropriate specialist or to an emergency room for further treatment. Call us today for more information!

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